Welcome to the JANGANO 2009! website - the expedition website for our Trans-Africa journey! 


What is JANGANO 2009?

We are two families - Robert Adams, Nicky Harford, Max (15) and Alexander (9); and Gus, Amanda, Jake (13), Ben (8) and Max (6) Le Breton. We all live in Zimbabwe, and we have made a plan (as we say in Zim) to get out and  see Africa. 

So on 21st December 2008 we will set off from Harare, aiming to drive to Cairo, back down to Cape Town, and home to Harare six months later, in June 2009. 

We're taking two Toyota Landcruisers, loads of camping equipment, a box of books and binoculars, some spare parts and tools, and a sense of humour and adventure....

Jangano is a Shona word, meaning (roughly) "everyone working together for the common good", or "many hands make light work", or "lets make a plan and fix this thing."

Good sentiments.

 (L-R): Max Adams, Nicky Harford, Ben Le Breton, Amanda Le Breton, Max Le Breton, Robert Adams, Alexander Adams, Jake Le Breton, Gus Le Breton

 Our sponsors:

Price Forbes International Insurance Services are the leading providers of vehicle insurance for individuals and companies who use their vehicles outside their home country. 


Media Support is a Scotland-based NGO and consultancy group working in the developing world to help local media organisations develop educational  programmes for radio and television.


The Freeplay Foundation is the charitable arm of Freeplay, manufacturers and designers of wind-up radios and torches. We will be assessing lighting needs and solutions in rural and poor communities across Africa for them.


Phytotrade Africa helps rural communities find international markets for their sustainably harvested forest products. They have very kindly offered to allow their CEO (Gus Le Breton) to disappear for six months on a "research trip."